Friday, March 5, 2021

New Online Course: Technology Ethics 101: Emails, Texting and Phishing

The COVID pandemic and lock-down has changed a lot of things, including the way we receive continuing legal education, as well as the way those of us who provide CLE deliver it.  Live in-person is OUT!  Webinars are IN!

Those who have followed this blog a while know that one of the biggest incentives for me to spend the 50-60 hours it takes to develop a new online CLE course is that NBI, who I have worked with for years, has been kind enough not only to repeatedly invite me to speak for it, but also to offer me an irresistible perk: an expense-accounted dinner at the Winzer Stube, located in Hudson, Wisconsin and rated America's 5th best German restaurant -- conveniently situated directly en route from Minneapolis to Altona, the home of NBI's headquarters and studios.  

Hello COVID.  Auf wiedersehen spaetzle and homemade apfelstrudel. 😭 😷

While the thought of going yet another year without visiting my favorite bratskellar filled my beer stein with tears, recalling that my CLE compliance period began afresh in 2021 inspired me to go with the flow and record a program at home for NBI in February.

The recording, done online from the comfort of my den, went remarkably well.  In fact, because I was recording remotely, I was able to schedule two 1-1/2 hours sessions on consecutive days, rather than doing it all in one 3-hour take in Altona, which is a real workout.  Even thoroughly prepared, the voice quavers, the mind wanders, and the energy levels sap after about hour two.  Also, because NBI packs a lot into its agendas, recording over two days allowed for much better pacing.  The reviews -- which modesty does not permit me to share -- confirmed it was well received.

Earlier this month, NBI sent me a promo code for anyone who wants to take this course.  Using promo Code FPO50N will knock fifty bucks off the regular $299 tuition.  How could I not share that with my readers?

Four hours of Colorado CLE credit, including 3.6 of ethics credit, and a discount.  Such a deal!  You can order it here.  (Bring your own

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